Welcome to Contra Costa Construction

You have a dream. Together we will work with you to develop a plan within your budget, select all materials and establish a timeline BEFORE you make any commitment.  As your partner, we will make your dream come true.

What will it cost? You control the cost up front. First tell us what you want, we’ll estimate as closely as possible what this will cost, and if this exceeds your budget, then we’ll work together to trim it down. Once the price is accepted, there will be no additional costs without your approval.

Can I see your work? Absolutely!  Visit the customer reviews page to see client comments and the “See our Work” page for some images of prior projects.  We pride ourselves on being old-fashioned craftsmen using today’s technology and design.

What’s my next step? Send an email using the contact page or call Matt Ahern at 720-203-0713.

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